Arctic International Oy is a company specialized in berries and mushrooms. Our target market is industrial and large-scale consumers. Our picking organization ensures a good quality for the products and a reliable availability. Most of our pickers come from Thailand. Arctic International has for many years been carrying out a self-regulatory mechanism with the Thai pickers. The self-regulatory mechanism consists of the principles on which the companies, who invite berry pickers, must comply with. The company, for example, advises pickers general rules and tells the berry crop forecasts, picking areas and the earning potential. Arctic International Oy trains all the pickers in Thailand prior to departure and is responsible for the pickers to get enough information for the trip to Finland.

Our own logistics ensure sufficiently fast transports of frozen berries, so that the quality remains good. We are able to supply berries and mushrooms everywhere between 200 gram bags to 500 kilogram containers. We offer fresh, frozen and dry goods. We are known to be a flexible operator and we can supply products according to the needs of the customer. We do custom solutions for both industry and retail needs.