Our picking organization consists mainly of Thai berry pickers. All of our pickers are trained both in Thailand before coming to Finland, as well as here in Finland after the arrival. We go very clearly through everything one needs to know about berry picking in Finland: everyman’s right, earning potential, the climate, regulations in Finland etc.

Arctic International Ltd guarantees the pickers the best possible earning potential. With our efficient organization we have been able to ensure for years, that our pickers will get access to the best harvest areas in Finland.

Our pickers come to Finland in order to improve their standard of living in their home country, so for many families, the earnings are an important part of the annual income. Pickers who have been picking berries in Finland for several years, have raised the standard of living in their home country considerably.

Arctic International Ltd has been part of signing a letter of intent regarding forest berry picking, along with the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The biggest companies in the berry picking business have committed to stick to mutual rules. To get the berry season to go as smoothly as possible for everybody, we continue to develop our cooperation with the local population.